Coaches encourage sustainable mobility

Every year in Italy and Europe coaches ensure the mobility of people in safety and with a very low environmental impact.
Most people don’t know that coaches are a performing means of transport in terms of safety, that respects the environment and reduces noise pollution.

A coach emits 162 grams of CO2 less than a car to run the same route.

A functioning means of transport today introduces into the air 98% of pollutants less than in 1990. To reach the level of noise pollution produced by coaches in the 1980s, we need 25 new generation coaches

Coach travel is good for tourism

Coach tourism revenue in Italy amounts to about 1 billion euro per year.

Tourists who choose it spend on average 40% of time more at places of destination compared to other travellers. 90% of people are happy with their trip. Indeed, tourist bus offers greater flexibility since it can be used for any type of route: to bring home thousands of fans after a football match or to transfer groups of tourists to the most remote corners of the world.

Coaches offer reliable, flexible and cheap transport services for everyone

Coaches provide over 65% of public transport services in Italy.

In our Country this type of transport is among the sectors that provide more jobs, giving employment to over 98,000 people.

Coach is by far the safest means of road transport

Its performances in terms of safety are comparable to railway transport, though, unlike the latter, coaches don’t have a dedicated infrastructure but they have to share the road with cars and road freight transport.

Coaches reduce traffic

A coach can replace 30 people driving their own cars.