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Mazzone Turismo Sas di Luca Mazzone & C.
Registered office: Corso Dante Alighieri 54 – 82100 Benevento
Entrance to the public: Via Agilulfo 1 (private parking for customers)
VAT number 01166930626
REA (Economic and Administrative Index) BN99464 – REN (National Electronic Register) P53796
Unique identifying code: BA6ET11

Telephone: +39 0824 482030
Mobile: +39 335 6252005
Certified e-mail (PEC):
Working days: 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday.


11. What is the “disc”?
It is the driver’s personal card on which the identity data of the driver himself, the activities performed, the vehicle registration, the kilometres driven to be inserted in the tachograph are saved.
22. What is the tachograph?
The tachograph is a component of the onboard equipment of vehicles for the carriage of more than nine passengers (including the driver), circulating in the European Community area. The digital tachograph is a modern device that stores the times and movements performed: driving time, rest time, available time, speed, occurrences.
33. Can I eat on board?
No, it is strictly forbidden to take food and drink on board. In case you break the rule, the driver may decide to stop the vehicle and interrupt the journey.
44. Are pets allowed on board?
In compliance with the hygienic sanitary norms laid down by Italian law, and in view of a quiet journey with the other passengers, pets are not allowed to travel on our coaches.
55. How much luggage can I bring with me?
Each passenger can take with them a luggage, which will be placed in the trunk, and a small bag on board. By communicating the number of travel participants, we can check together your luggage transport needs.
66. Can I make use of the on-board toilet?
Not all vehicles are equipped with on-board toilet. In case of its presence, it is to be considered as an optional to be requested at the time of vehicle reservation, considering the additional activation cost.
77. Is it mandatory to use seat belts on board?
Article 172 - clause 6 of the Highway Code states that passengers of minibuses and coaches must be insured with security systems the vehicles themselves are provided with. The obligation to use the devices refers to both the driver and all the other travellers when seated and the vehicle is moving.
88. How can I make a reservation?
You can book online, by sending an email to, by filling in the form in the “request a quote” section of our website, or by calling our dedicated number +39 0824 482030.


For any question or quote please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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