(Updated to September 20th, 2018)

This Privacy Policy is the latest version published on the website It is provided only for this website and not for other websites that may be accessed via links. This version will be applied to all existing users at the date of publication as well as new users who will access the website or register later upon acceptance. The document, in line with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 2016/679, represents how we collect, use, process and communicate users’ personal data, where “personal data” refers to any information concerning identified natural persons or identifiable ones through other information and regardless of the device and channel used (for example, through a number or an identification code, through conjunction with online identifiers produced by devices, applications, tools and protocols, such as IP addresses, temporary files (cookies) or other identifiers).

  1. Data Controller

The Data Controller is Mazzone Turismo Sas di Luca Mazzone & C. (REA: BN99464; VAT number: 01166930626; registered office: Corso Dante Alighieri 54 – Benevento; e-mail:, hereinafter, for brevity, “Mazzone Turismo”, who runs the website as its owner and will process the data collected and/or provided directly by users or by third parties or acquired when using and surfing the website and, in any case, within the framework and limits of the relationship or relationships established with Mazzone Turismo.

  1. Nature of processed data

Personal data processed by Mazzone Turismo is:

‣ e-mail address provided by the user;

‣ mobile phone number (if any);

‣ any personal data (name, surname)

‣ information about the location (through IP address of the user or GPS of the device used), date and time of access;

‣ information about how to use the site (for example, pages and contents displayed)

‣ information collected through third-party cookies used by the website (see cookie policy)

  1. Purpose of data processing

User data is collected, used and stored by Mazzone Turismo exclusively for purposes directly connected to the website (for example, for the processing of any messages and/or questions submitted via the form available on the website) and its services, to allow Mazzone Turismo to improve the website, as well as for the fulfilment of obligations under the law, by a regulation or

by the Community legislation and for the exercise of its rights in court. Mazzone Turismo guarantees in any case the maximum level of security in managing such data.

It should be noted that data is collected, processed and stored for the following purposes:

to allow the use of the website and its services;

to manage programs, services and activities, including promotional ones;

to allow the execution of requests for the services provided by Mazzone Turismo (also, for example, in relation to any contacts and/or other information provided by the user);

to allow interaction with the website (for example, by sending requests for information);

to provide assistance to users (with regard to both the services provided and for any website update or warning, also about security);

to improve and optimize the features of the site, including through statistical analysis of data collected;

for safety reasons and to prevent and assess risks connected to the website;

for the assessment and resolution of any safety problems;

for the settlement of disputes with users or any third parties;

to ensure compliance and enforcement of the policy adopted by the site;

to send, upon provision of consent, newsletters, notices and/or commercial proposals related to the services provided through the website;

to improve advertising services, possibly through profiling systems;

to comply with legal obligations.

  1. Email form and newsletter

The website allows interested users to request information about the services offered and the organization of events, providing data such as name and e-mail address by filling in the form. Data will be processed, even through the use of IT tools, by authorised representatives, specifically designated to process user’s request. Personal data entered on the form is functional to the execution of the request and is used by Mazzone Turismo to provide better customer service as well as to send promotional communications and/or for advertising purposes.

The user may also specifically request the newsletter service, indicating name and email address. Even in this case, data will be processed by Mazzone Turismo for the execution of the request and to offer the service required.

The user may at any time request the deletion of the data provided, sending a request to

  1. Whatsapp Button

Whatsapp button is available on the website. With a simple click, the user will open Whatsapp, if using a mobile device, or Whatsapp Web, if using a PC, to request information in the easiest and fastest possible way.

By accepting this Policy, the user agrees that, when using the Whatsapp function, their mobile phone number will be collected to process the request received, and it will be possibly used in the future for sending commercial communications.

  1. Provision of consent and user data communication

It should be noted that, when entering personal data in the form available on the website, the user may accept, via a special check, to receive from Mazzone Turismo, at the email address or other contact information (home address, mobile phone number) provided, newsletters, notices and/or commercial proposals related to the services provided through the website. The user may later refuse authorisation by cancellation request via the link at the end of the newsletter.

The collected data (e.g., e-mail address) may also be transferred by Mazzone Turismo to third parties for commercial purposes and, therefore, the user agrees with the acceptance of this Policy to receive newsletters, notices and commercial proposals by third parties. Even in this case the user may both initially and later refuse authorisation sending a specific request to

With reference to the data recorded by Mazzone Turismo, the user may exercise the rights recognised in their favour, as explained in the following paragraphs.

Please also note that:

Mazzone Turismo may also disclose strictly necessary user’s personal data (for example, contact details or e-mail) for the provision of services rendered by third parties. In particular, data may be disclosed and/or made accessible to: persons, companies or professional offices that provide assistance, advice or collaboration to Mazzone Turismo in accounting, administrative, legal, tax, financial and technical ad IT areas; authorised representatives, specifically designated by Mazzone Turismo to carry out activities or part of activities related to the services offered, such as the user support service; any other freelancer whose communication is necessary for the proper fulfilment of obligations assumed by Mazzone Turismo towards the user.

Mazzone Turismo may also disclose user data, including personal data, to the Judicial Authority, the Government Authority and any Public Authority or to authorized third parties if deemed necessary or if required or authorised to do so by law (for example, in the context of a legal proceeding; criminal investigations; to preserve the rights of Mazzone Turismo and/or the user or other users).

  1. Sensitive or judicial data

Mazzone Turismo does not intentionally collect sensitive data (e.g., data revealing racial or ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of parties, unions, associations or organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union nature, as well as data revealing state of health and sex life) nor judicial data, thus inviting the user not to provide this kind of information through the website. In the event that the user intentionally provides sensitive and/or judicial data, for example through the form available on the website, under no circumstances and for any reason will Mazzone Turismo make use of such data, otherwise inviting the user to send an e-mail to with an appropriate declaration containing the consent to the processing of information.

  1. Security measures

Mazzone Turismo claims to have adopted security measures to minimise the risk of destruction or loss, even accidental, of the collected data, unauthorised access or data treatment, which is not in accordance with the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy.

However, Mazzone Turismo cannot guarantee that the security measures exclude any risk of unauthorised access or data loss. Therefore, we invite you to make sure the computer or mobile device you used to access this website is provided with appropriate software devices for the protection of both incoming and outgoing sensitive data stream (such as updated antivirus systems). We also invite you to make sure that your Internet service provider has taken appropriate security measures for data transmission across the Internet (such as firewalls and spam filters).

  1. Storage and modification of personal data

The processing of personal data will last no longer than necessary for the purposes for which the data was collected, in compliance with the civil law, fiscal and tributary current regulations.

To ensure that personal data is always accurate, complete and up-to-date, we invite you to report any modification to or in accordance with the rules mentioned below.

  1. User rights

The user has the right to update or modify their data at any time. The user is solely responsible for the information provided as well as any modification and/or integration. However, Mazzone Turismo reserves the right to verify user’s identity and the truthfulness of the data provided to preserve their rights and/or other users’ rights.

Mazzone Turismo guarantees the following rights:

the user can request the correction of inaccurate or incomplete personal data, which are not directly accessible.

the user can also request to delete personal information held by Mazzone Turismo. In this case it is understood that Mazzone Turismo may retain data for as long as required for reasons related to: the fulfilment of any legal obligations (for example, in relation to legal proceedings and/or investigations or in relation to tax obligations); the promotion of website security; the use of programs to ensure website security and that could cause the storage of personal data for a limited period of time.

the user may also request a digital copy of the data held by Mazzone Turismo and/or require the transmission of such information to another service provider.

the user, who has given consent to the processing of personal data, may at any time proceed to its withdrawal by sending an e-mail to, indicating every single consent to be revoked. This is without prejudice to the legitimacy of data processing performed by Mazzone Turismo prior to withdrawal.

the user can withdraw consent for the processing of their personal data for certain purposes (for example, for profiling) if such processing is based on a legitimate interest. In this case, user’s personal data will not be processed by Mazzone Turismo for those purposes, subject to the existence of legitimate reasons to proceed to data processing, or if such processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

the user has the right to limit the mode of use of their personal data in the event of: objection to the accuracy of the personal data by the data subject; opposition to data cancellation as a result of illegitimate data processing; opposition to the processing of personal data; user’s request for information for the purpose of establishing and/or preserving their own rights in court.

as already stated, the user may also ask Mazzone Turismo to stop processing their personal data for commercial purposes, by sending an e-mail to

the user may then submit complaints, concerning data processing carried out by Mazzone Turismo, to the competent data protection authority.

  1. Modifications and revisions of this Privacy Policy

Mazzone Turismo will be responsible for modifying or simply revising the Privacy Policy, either in whole or in part, also taking into account amendments to legislation and standards regulating this subject and safeguarding users’ rights.

Any modifications and/or revisions will be immediately notified to users on the homepage and will be mandatory once posted in this section of the website. Users are therefore invited to regularly access this website section to verify the publication of the most recent and updated Privacy Policy.

  1. Cookies

Our website makes use of so-called cookies in order to recognize repeat use of the website by the same user and to provide better functions. For more information about cookies and their use, please refer to the page Cookie Policy.