Rent a coach (equipped with a platform for wheelchairs) for schools, tours and day trips

“Our church group is leaving for Loreto next month. How to get there in complete comfort?”

“Kids at my school are visiting Rome at year-end. I’m looking for a safe, clean and punctual means of transport...”

“The singing group of my country is going to Teatro San Carlo for the Opera season Premiere! It will go late. I prefer the coach…”

“My wedding guests are so many and the ceremony will take place away from my country. How to ensure that nobody will get lost?”

“Saturday night we’re going to have dinner around wine bars. Nobody wants to give up an extra glass of red wine, we want to play it safe without caring about alcohol if we were to be stopped by the Police. We just want to have fun and enjoy each other’s company without risking our lives, but who drives?”

“One in a million date with our favourite rock band. I’m looking for a coach to go to Rome for a concert, but there’s only 14 of us, we can’t pay for 50... If we use scheduled routes, it would be a mess to leave and particularly to go back. We don’t want to risk sleeping on the benches of the Station.”