It is not difficult to travel safely and in style. Our fleet of vehicles is designed to meet your every need. We choose them among the top brands (Mercedes and Setra), we carefully maintain them and, most importantly, we restore them every five years. Moreover, our vehicles offer the highest level of comfort: they are quiet, well damped, equipped with reclining and adjustable seats for coaches and minibuses, air-conditioning, bar fridge service, DVD players and microphones. Once the service has been provided, vehicles come back to the covered storage owned by Mazzone Turismo, where they undergo a meticulous sanitisation. Moreover, we study itineraries in order to reduce journey time and increase time available at destination. The wide fleet of vehicles makes it possible to find the most cost-effective travel solution.

You are in safe hands with our drivers. They are qualified, trusted and discreet professionals. In order to ensure these conditions, drivers are always contractually bound to the Company, and an elegant blue uniform can identify them. Our drivers are the best guarantee to travel safely, since they respect the driving times required and take a rest when necessary.

What’s more…we are 24/7 by your side. Our rental-dedicated help desk is available 24 hours a day. Our staff is highly skilled: we develop quotes in a very short time thanks to IT management and we are ready to meet your every need. Additionally, before the departure, during and after the journey, we are always at your complete disposal.